Who We Are

We aim to connect the community to a dining experience in the same way ingredients are connected to food

AlWadi Food was established in 1978 with a commitment to excellence and a passion to deliver to our community the highest quality food – a promise has that has been rooted in our company from inception and embedded in our philosophy until today.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most revered
food company, born in the Middle East
for the Middle east with the aspiration
of constant growth.
JORDAN - AUGUST 08:  Cars and pedestrians swirl around the Great Mosque, Amman, Jordan  (Photo by Luis Marden/National Geographic/Getty Images)


AlWadi Food started in Kuwait as a small and humble family business. We then moved to Jordan and began with our meat processing operations. At our humble beginnings, AlWadi had 35 employees, 3 cars, and our products were virtually unknown in Jordan.

Following support and investments from leading industry partners, including Rob India Gate, Adico Potato, Sadia, and others, we quickly expanded our operations.



AlWadi Food stands at over 400 employees, offers a diverse portfolio of locally-sourced food products, and have begun to export our products in the global market. AlWadi Foods is also an innovator in the field, being the first to have distribution and purchasing conducted through hand-held devices.

Here at home, we have opened centers in Irbid and Aqaba, with distribution, storage, and administrative offices handling sales and finances.